Who is Historic Paranormal Research (HPR)

The original members of HPR have close to 15 years of combined paranormal investigations under our belts, and while it’s possible there are some local area Virginia groups that appear to either treat investigating like a game and not take investigations very seriously, or appear to do nothing towards serving local clients, we try not to be that way.  We  have a strong desire to do the typical science based paranormal investigation that clients have come to expect, and we try to do it in a more productive fashion.  When we formed into HPR, we wanted to become a group that isn’t interested in self-promotional endeavors like writing books, attending out-of-area events or comic-cons, or signing with talent agents that seem to appear more towards making someone “famous” than helping to try and find answers for a client.

As far as our style of investigations, we try our best to investigate with logic and reasoning first (we operate more like TAPS ©), so we attempt to find out normal reasons for what might be causing any client issues.  Once we do our best to weed out and explain the possible normal reasons, if there is anything left over that we can’t explain, we label that as possibly being paranormal.  For us, “paranormal” simply means we currently have no way to explain what caused the issue, but it doesn’t mean there still couldn’t be a future explanation for it.

How does it cost for us to come in and do an investigation for a client?  Absolutely nothing!  Plus, we will come back out as many times that you need us .  We enjoy what we do, and we want to try and help our clients get answers as to what might be happening.  If we can capture possible audio or video evidence, we’ll even provide a copy to the client free of charge.  There is no hidden fees or costs to the client. If any group ever wants to charge you a fee, or asks you for money, tell them no thanks

Below is an example of how we are ready to come out and serve you.  This is our gear hauler and command post that we use during an investigation.




This Site and Finding What You Need

As far as presenting content, we currently feel that many visitors that come here may simply want to do one of several things:

  1. Get in contact with us regarding investigations, schedule an event, apply to become an investigator with our group, or to contact us for some other reason that we can’t think of at the moment. If that’s the case, you can click onto this “Contact” link, or the one located towards the top of this page.
  2. Finding various information about what we’re doing. We will even be including a future page that will contain information about our past investigations.
  3. Finding out more about the various local area events that we will be attending in the near future. Currently, any upcoming event information will be posted on this “Home” page, below this article, and in the posts located within on the left side of this page.

So, save a link to our page in your browser towards viewing any future “Historic Paranormal Research” news, information, investigations, and events.

Apply to Become an Investigator with Us

We mentioned earlier that you can apply to become an investigator with us. If you’re the age of 21 and over, and live around the Richmond or Tri-City areas, you can always submit an application to us. You don’t need to have any experience with “ghost hunting” because we’ll train you, nor do you need to have any ghost hunting equipment, but it’s fine if you have either the experience or any equipment. However, we do hope that you do have the passion and desire to do this.

Although it’s possible that we may not have a current opening within our group, you can always go to the “Contact” link and send us one. When we receive it, we will send you a confirmation email back as soon as we are able and place your name in our file, and then when we do have an opening, we’ll setup an interview with you.

Upcoming Local events

There are currently no scheduled events for Historic Paranormal Research, so we are currently available to  show up at your local event. Just go to our  Contact page to reach us and schedule a date.