Historic Paranormal Research (HPR).

Some people might say it sure is a mouth full when said out loud, but we felt that our name expresses precisely what we do. “Historic”, because Virginia is extremely rich with interesting historic locations. Of course the two words, “Paranormal” and “Research,” obviously reflects our interest to help find out more about the unexplained things that might be happening in and around our world.

We started in April of 2014, and although the group is brand new, the investigators within it are not. The investigators of “Historic Paranormal Research” are all formally from one long established paranormal group within Virginia, but we all felt it was in our best interest for us to leave.

We walked away with our over 12 years of combined experience and plenty of paranormal equipment to help us investigate locations. We can also show up to a client’s location with a 16 foot trailer that we not only use to haul our equipment, but it also serves as our command post during any investigation.