On August 14th, Historic Paranormal Research officially went live on Facebook and Twitter. We’re a little excited about this mainly because they are ways to help promote our group within our community and around Virginia.

We plan to use both sites to communicate with our followers about what we are doing, and to provide a glimpse of what may be happening behind the scenes of our group.

Facebook will hopefully help us communicate in a more expanded way about investigations, videos, events, and other things that might be notable. Twitter might help us provide more towards of a “minute by minute” about some of the things happening with us.

Our intentions are to use Facebook towards more in depth explanations and details of various things concerning our group. It’s hard to say postings frequency. There might be times where we might post once a day or week, and there might be periods where people might see many during things like an investigation.

We see Twitter as ┬ábeing more as being and “up to the minute” type of tool, so tweets will be more frequent; we see it where we will most likely post once a day, but during investigations and events, people will see more snippets about what might be happening.

You can follow us on Facebook, and hopefully “Like” our page, using this link: Facebook

You can also follow on Twitter by using this link: Twitter