We had our first investigation on the night of Friday the 13th, 2014 (No, we didn’t plan for it to happen on that date). This investigation also served as a “shake-out” to test many of the brand new pieces of equipment that we purchased, as well as our totally remodeled command-post trailer.

The client didn’t have any experiences with anything happening within her home, but she was more than agreeable to let us hold our first official investigation there. We originally only wanted to do a short investigation to test out our new equipment and trailer improvements, but as the night progressed, we actually started having a few unexpected but interesting things happen within the home, so the client happily agreed to allow us to stay longer than the few hours that we intended. In fact, we ended up staying until a little after midnight before we decided to pack everything back up and leave.

We are currently going over the video and audio recording, and so far, a few members have found a few interesting items that they will be presenting to the group body during our evidence review.