Many groups like to publish all of the equipment they have, and the Historic Paranormal Research team talked about whether we should publish photos of all of our equipment here on the website or not. We will admit that we do have a wide variety of  equipment to help us investigate the paranormal with, and we know there are plenty of paranormal websites that like to display every single tiny piece of the equipment they have, but why do we really need do that? Let me explain our decision to hold off to a certain degree in presenting our equipment. We know that typically many businesses out there that perform various services don’t display their equipment inventory on their sites. Clients know they have the tools with them to help them perform their jobs, so we thought long and hard, and decided at this time there was no real need, but this doesn’t mean we won’t ever show and discuss various pieces of equipment, or show off something new that we are really excited about owning.

Historic Paranormal Research felt that people are pretty intelligent and pretty much knows about many of the tools that are typically used during a paranormal investigation, so we wanted to leave the design of our website more towards the simple basics. We are more interested in trying to allow a potential client to have an easier time in trying to contact us, and to see what we might be up to around our backyard of Virginia.

So again, why do we feel that some groups continue to still display their equipment on their websites?  Is it more for bragging purposes? Who really knows their reasons why. We’re sure they all might have their different reasons. However, if some groups or are trying to “brag”, maybe it’s directed towards impressing other groups. Maybe they’re trying to make themselves larger than life to clients. Maybe it could also help some groups feel that it helps make them feel more legitimate within the paranormal community and or to potential clients.

HPR has many of the same tools of the trade that many of the bigger paranormal groups have, and we know how to use them properly. A few paranormal groups might think that all they need to do is buy some of these devices and they are ready to search for ghosts, but it turns out they have no clue how many of the devices work, and understand how to use them correctly?

Historic Paranormal Research doesn’t feel the need to brag about the equipment that we have, and we are more than glad to show any potential client the pieces of equipment that we do have. We pretty much have an idea as to their limitations and know how to use our equipment properly. If we don’t fully know how a certain piece of equipment works , it’s usually because we are still in a research and testing phase with it.

We want to know how each item works, and if it provides some level of reliable results.

Anyway, we decided that we have no real need to try and display every single last item; people have seen most EMF meters, people have seen cameras, people have seen digital recorders, and people have seen extension cords. We like to think that we are good at what we do, so there is no need to display “equipment flash” to try and impress our clients, or even other paranormal groups. If we wanted to brag, then I guess that we could say that we already have most of the investigation equipment that is used within our profession, we have a large 16′ command post trailer to carry it all in, and … we are expanding our arsenal of items every month.