Historic Paranormal Research (HPR) is located in Central Virginia and can serve the entire state of Virginia. Although we would be willing to serve the surrounding states of Virginia, we want do our best to locate a paranormal group located in your state first.

HPR is comprised of members from diverse work places, so not only do our many years of doing paranormal investigations help, but our member’s “Day Jobs” can sometimes help determine logical answers towards a client’s experiences.

Historic Paranormal Research also strives to provide a science based investigation (we operate very similar to TAPS ©) to attempt to first find logical explanations for our client’s experiences. Although it’s possible that some things could be seen as paranormal in nature, many times there can be perfectly normal answers for the things that happen all around us.

HPR uses various types of equipment to help collect its data in an attempt for us determine that what our client might have been experience is either something perfectly normal, or possibly something else happening. For our group, paranormal simply means that we currently have no current explanation for what caused an event within the location.

All of the Historic Paranormal Research investigations are always 100% free, and it doesn’t matter how many times the client needs us to return to their location. Returning can be important because there are times to where nothing will happen the first time that we investigate a client’s location. We should also note that HPR tries to make every reasonable attempt to protect the privacy of our clients from the general public, so we will never release client names and addresses unless we are given permission.

After any investigation, the HPR team goes through hours of recorded evidence, and each item that can’t be explained away is then brought back to the client to review. A copy of any collected evidence will be given to the client on a free CD/DVD to have and to keep, at no charge.

Some of the types of locations that HPR will typically investigate:

  • Residential homes
  • Businesses
  • Museums

HPR will only investigate locations that a client has the legal permission to grant us access. If it is found the client does not have the legal right to grant us permission, we will halt our investigation and leave. We will also never promise that we can find any paranormal evidence, but again, there have been times that we’ve been to places and never found anything, but there have been times to where we have, on follow-up investigations.

Whenever we are called to a client’s location, some of the things that we attempt to do:

  1. Attempt to interview all concern persons.
  2. Historic Paranormal Research members meet to decide to handle the case.
  3. Get permission forms signed before any investigation transpires.
  4. Agree on a possible investigation date.
  5. Try to find logical reasons for what might be happening at the location before labeling something paranormal.
  6. Present any potential evidence to the client after the investigation happens.

We should note the members have day jobs, so any possible evidence may be presented to the client as soon as it is possible. Larger locations may require more recording equipment, so evidence review could take longer. For example, if we have a six hour investigation, for every camera and digital recorder that we use, we have to listen and watch that same amount of time. So, if we used 8 video cameras and 10 audio recorders, that could be roughly 480 total hours of combined recordings that our members have to go through. This doesn’t include any possible researching of the property that may need to happen. We hope that our clients will accept this and understand.